Towards the beginning of starting your company, you may think you don’t need a website. Still, honestly, a website can benefit your business mainly because it represents your brand and can be used for advertising. A lot goes into a website, from designing it all the way to figuring out what content to include, so I’m going to give you a behind the scene look as to what our web development department has been working on recently and what resources they use to get the job done.

Our web development team uses WordPress to create our website, and it allows them to pick a base theme like putting clothes on the site. Having a base theme gives the website personality. For example when they work with clients, they try to choose a theme that fits best to what the client is looking for and they make edits accordingly. If the web development team can’t find a theme that best fits the clients’ requirements, then they customize the site entirely. Each theme has basic settings for including different pages, for example, a blog.

The web development department recently added a blog page to our website, and when they added the blog, the theme had a default page that they created depending on the identity of K.R. Finance. First, they review the style to make sure they can use it and whether or not it fits our requirements. Then, the web team can edit the page as needed, so it works with K.R. Finance’s requirements best. For example, they redesigned the social icons to match our site’s colors and typefaces and added the author information under the title. In general, there are always small changes that need to be made in order for the page to fit our identity as a company.

When it comes to the blog, the web development team uses a resource called Yoast and what Yoast does is that it reviews the body copy and images of the blog and offers suggestions for improvement. A key phrase is assigned to each post, and after the wording and keyphrase, frequency has to be adjusted. There’s usually a readability score for each post, and that can cause difficulty in meeting all the requirements. When it doesn’t meet requirements, sentences and paragraphs need to be adjusted to ensure they’re not too long or use passive voice.

At the moment, our web development team is updating the homepage and the service page. The more content a page has, the better it is because it helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it also helps the audience learn about the company. When someone visits a website, you usually have a few seconds to make a good first impression, so the homepage must be up to par. A good homepage has a balance of providing good information without overwhelming the visitor with too much information. The web development team tests various layouts to see which one fits best and displays the content in a user-friendly and engaging way. Our services are found right under our banner so our audience can easily see all the different services we have to offer. Our website also has buttons linked to other pages on our website so our audience can learn more and contact us. All of this will soon be live on the website, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.