The Design Process of the Creative Department

Owning a business can be difficult, focusing your time on advertising, finances, branding, etc. Here at K.R. Finance, we offer these services to help run a business and help you spend more time doing the thing you love most. We’re a close team who provides various services whether you need help with branding, social media, marketing, advertising, etc. The creative department works with other departments such as marketing and web development to meet our company’s goals to help grow the dreams you strive to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.
Above all, we hold ourselves to our core values of Integrity, Transparency, and Consistency. Our passion for helping others seeing their visions come to life is what we live for, but it all starts with a process.

Creative Brief

First things first, the creative brief is the most important thing when it comes to starting a project because it helps outline the strategy of the innovative project. It contains all parts of the project, including details, purpose, goals, requirements, messaging, demographics, and other important information. It helps the clients and the designers make sure they’re on the same page. The goal is to represent the who, what, where, when, and how visually. You need a plan to start a project, and the creative brief helps the entire team see the vision of the project and how the team will target its audience. It puts everyone on the same page before starting a project. A well-written brief is essential because it saves processing time for the client, it’s easier to maintain accountability and communication. Approvals will get processed faster, and the final will be of higher quality. It makes the process clearer for the designers, but it makes it easier for the client as well and overall improves the experience for everyone.


Secondly the client and designers are on the same page, then the design team starts sketching out their ideas. Sketching is an integral part of the design process because it helps to convey ideas. Sometimes sketching produces an endless amount of ideas, and it allows the team to see how the design would look before transferring it to the computer.

Team Meeting

Thirdly each team member finishes sketching out their ideas, the team has a meeting to discuss which ideas would work and which ideas best fit the creative brief. This meeting is to narrow down the ideas to only a couple. After discussing what ideas would work best, the team talks about suggestions on how those designs could improve a little further. After the meeting, then it’s time to digitize!

Digital Design

Digitizing a design means sketches are refined in the computer, giving the team the freedom to explore color and typography. The same design is utilized, but checking back on the creative brief and the project’s purpose, colors, and typefaces are chosen. It is up to the team to discuss different shades and tones and why specific colors fit best, and why that typeface would be best to convey the emotion, the creative brief explained. Once the designs are refined on the computer, we send the different variations to the client, and we talk about why we decided to go a certain path. Once the client chooses a final design, then the team gets together for the final touches.

Team Meeting Part 2

Lastly, taking into consideration what the client suggested, then final touches are made and talked together with the team. Once the designers pick the appropriate design, the team starts getting ready to package the design either for print or digital purposes. If the design is for digital purposes then the final file is sent to the client. This may seem like a long process, but here at K.R. Finance, we are devoted to creating high quality work and we want our clients to be satisfied with their experience .