Life Coaching


What change are you facing in life? We work with people who are overwhelmed with change in a group or one-on-one setting by equipping them with the tools to master the changes and obstacles they will face for the rest of their lives so that they can flourish!


We help people who are ready to make a change, or have had life changes thrown at them but do not know where to start. Our six-step system walks you through the process of actualizing change. This could be anything from a career change, a major life shift such as relocating, divorce, or wanting to finally pursue that passion that has been nagging at the back of your mind for years.


Our approach is different from other coaches. In our Wingman for Change coaching, we walk you through every step as you build your new lifestyle and experience activities to both take you out of your comfort zone and settle you into your new reality at the same time.


Ever feel like you need a wingman for the changes you face in life? This is the program for you! This program combines regular coaching sessions with activities designed to get you settled into your new life with the changes you have made. The activities are designed to both shake things up and make going through your life change the fun adventure it should be.


Choose from a variety of options including a meeting with a fashion consultant and a shopping spree at Restyle Clothing Company, a custom new look for your hair from the Barber Salon, an art class, a fitness outing, an outdoor getaway with the Coaching On The Go program, and much more.)


Coaching On The Go! is the premier experience for the busy person. Our brains work best when we are physically active. The exercise releases endorphins that promote creativity. That inter-woven with the shared experience of being in nature, rain or shine, will mean you get more out of your session. Each Coaching On The Go! outing is scheduled for three hours. This allows for ample time in nature, as well as a follow up sit down chat to circle back and make notes about your key take-aways. Simply click here to get started with the next level in coaching experiences.

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