Creative Design
Express your company identity in a way that gets noticed by working with our first-in-class Creative Design team.
Put your business on the map and take it as far as you want with our professional Marketing team.
Web Design
Open up your business to the rest of the world by allowing one of our expert Web Designers to create your website the way you want it.
Life Coaching
Become a Business Athlete and pass all the competition with our master Life Coaches.
Allow us to take the stress off of you and your finances! Our expert Accountants will do all the hard work in making sure you save as much as possible in alignment with your financial goals.
Rep Corps
Allow our Representatives to provide your Business with a master strategy. We keep you updated with any relevant information on your business and market while walking you through every step of the way until you’ve reached your goals.
Moving You Forward

K.R. Finance has and will continue to succeed in that mission, always staying true to our core values of Integrity, Transparency and Consistency.

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We are passionate about helping both companies and individuals with increasing profits, managing multiple avenues of approach to generate income, analyzing market trends, and reducing financial risk.


Our goal is to safeguard and help grow the dreams you strived to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. 


We use our proven strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and maximize your income. 


What Is Simple & Strategic?

A simple solution for any Business Owner. Once we have met with the Business Owner, identified their needs, core issues, and deficiencies, we brief the Owner on our personalized strategy to help build their business. Most importantly, the Owner can continue doing what they love while we take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Whether You need Marketing, Accounting, Web Development, Graphics, or Life Coaching, utilizing Simple & Strategic we deliver a well-placed plan for everyone.

Let us take care of the strategy while you do what you love.

How It Works

First Phase

Initial Consultation
Discuss Goals
Overview Business
Initial Observations

Second Phase

Discuss the plan
Look over the proposal
Make any changes if needed

Third Phase

Sign finalized contract
Recap on the plan
Start the process