“Life is a Game”, “that’s the Game of life”, “you gotta know the Game”. These are comments we’ve all heard growing up that lead us to realize it’s a game we are all born into and one we all play. We end up in a randomly selected Avatar, in a unique location with varying resources. We are all brought up by some “guide” in the beginning to show you all the basic controls. This figure usually teaches you how to work your “Avatar” and the general

knowledge needed or required by your environment to begin playing the competition on your own. There are both universal laws and rules set by nature, and societal laws and rules set by other players. We have the ability to gain skills, with access to tools and advisory guides. You have health (though it may not be represented in a bar floating above us), our choices can effect our livelihood, and we can interact with other players in todays most immersive and intimate open world experience.

Sooo…how do you play? What type of Game is it?

Life can be Considered a “Sandbox”, Real Time Strategy, Role Playing Game and more all at once, but the title of our game describes the main objective, “Life”. It’s a survival match! One of the necessities of survival is food and resources. These use to be acquired by mainly barter, trade and force, but the game has been changed a little bit by other players to mainly use money. But by now we know survival is just the basics. If you had to choose, which way would you like to make money with your resources given? What do you consider living? Life is an immersive open world that is also a Choose-your-own Adventure game. After you gain your general knowledge, you can choose to gain new skills, or “experience points” to meet the requirements to do more, or you can find specialists to help you figure out what to do next.


So what will you do next?

If you don’t know, or if you are looking for a guide to help you navigate and excel at the Game of Life, Click here for a free Consultation with one now.