We have a lot of departments here in KR Finance and we are slowly growing. Some of our departments include the creative department, web development, marketing, administrative, accounting, and a lot more. For this month I will be focusing on the administrative department. I will start off by telling you what exactly an administrator does.


An Administrator is someone who helps a business run efficiently, by performing certain clerical tasks. It depends from business to business, but the most common tasks that an administrator does is answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and staying organized. Sometimes they are in charge of looking over and helping junior staff members with projects or their work.


Some important skills to have as an administrator are good communication skills, organization, scheduling, and onboarding. When it comes to administrators they are constantly communicating on the phone, emails, and interacting with employees and sometimes clients. When communicating information it has to be in a clear and concise manner to not confuse anyone. Another good skill that goes along with communication is good listening, so that an administrator can effectively relay information for upcoming projects and tasks.

Organization is also an important skill to have because administrators are constantly having to do work for more than one employee or department in the company. They are also in charge of the company calendar and deadlines coming up.

Scheduling is important as well as an administrator is in charge of work schedules for multiple managers, but they also have to make sure none of their schedules conflict and all their work gets done. Some administrators are also in charge of welcoming new employees and showing them around. They also help new employees with paperwork they have to fill out on the first day and they help with informing the new employees about office policies and the benefits they receive.


When it comes to education some employers require a high school diploma while others can ask for an associates or bachelors degree. Some good classes to take to increase the chances of getting hired are computer skills, working with spreadsheets or excel, and typing classes or word processing classes. Some other beneficial classes might be business communication or bookkeeping classes.

When it comes to training every employer is different so some require their administrator to train for a few weeks while others require training for at least a month. What they learn are procedures that will help them do their job efficiently and effectively. Sometimes they have to learn the database the company uses, so training may last longer.

Certifications might also be very helpful when it comes time to apply for jobs. For example, there’s a certification known as CAP which stands for Certified Administrative Professional. To become a CAP administrator you must have 4 years of experience or an associates/bachelors degree with 2 years of experience. It combines real life scenarios of the job and knowledge learned. It includes written communication, office procedures, scheduling, and sometimes diving into human resources.

If you think being an administrator is something you want to pursue, check out indeed, glassdoor, and linkedin will be very helpful.